Orbis 23 years in India

Orbis has been working with centers of excellence and partner eye hospitals in India with an aim to ensure every child across the country has access to quality affordable eye care. Here's a snapshot of our 23-year journey in India

Treatment and Trainings in Two Decades

Over 18.5 million

eye screenings

Over 1.6 million

medical and optical treatments

Over 103,519

ophthalmic surgeries

Over 191,592

ophthalmic training

Doctors training nurses.


Hospital Based Trainings

18 and 1 Virtual Visit

locations in India where Flying Eye Hospital visited and trained local medical teams

Eye hospital tail.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and India

The Flying Eye Hospital has visited India 18 times and once virtually , with its first training program held at Hyderabad in 1988.

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital virtually visited India in December 2021 to provide training in Simulation.

In Pictures: Earlier Flying Eye Hospital Visits to India

Orbis Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program

Orbis and Eye Bank Association of India joined hands to introduce Hospital Cornea Retrieval Program in India with two grief counselors in Guru Nanak Eye Centre, New Delhi and Mahatame Eye Bank, Nagpur.

Between 2003-2006, the network swiftly grew to 13 eye banks across seven states.


Eye banks across 7 states


corneas collected


corneas utilized

Building the Largest Network of Children's Eye Centers

Orbis India has created a network of 34 Children’s Eye Centers across 17 states in the country, leading to 18.5 million screenings on children and providing surgical treatment to 1,03,519 children.

Then: 2000

1 center per 100 million children


transition with Orbis intervention

Now: 2020

1 center per 20 million children

In 2000, there was one center per 100 million children in the country. Now, in 2023, with the presence of these 34 centers and 3 Pediatric Ophthalmology Learning and Training Centers (POLTCs), India, now has 1 center per 20 million children.

Celebrating 20 Years In 2020

Awards and Recognition

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