For Orbis, quality is the norm, not an exception.

The need to improve quality is gaining importance in health care systems across the world. The results are well worth the effort: quality management systems give hospitals a framework through which they can continuously improve all aspects of health care service delivery. By implementing a comprehensive and systematic Quality Assurance System in the eye care sector, the quality of eye care can be enhanced and made available to everyone.

Quality Resource Center

In 2008, Orbis India embarked on a journey with Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital (SCEH) to achieve quality in health care systems, by supporting the hospital with Quality Assurance in Eye Care. As a result of this collaboration, the hospital successfully implemented a Quality Management System across all functions of the organization. Today, we have enabled the hospital to establish a fully-functional Quality Resource Center (QRC) that was launched in 2014. Through the QRC we handhold partners to achieve comprehensive institutional quality improvement. We provide training and advisory services to eye care facilities across India and have also extended support to the Flying Eye Hospital as well as eye care facilities in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Vietnam.

QRC conducts trainings and workshops for systems strengthening, patient care, human resources as well as financial management.

The Quality Resource Center offers:

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