Orbis in Solidarity with Partners and their COVID response

2020 was a year of unprecedented times and crisis for many. Orbis, and its efforts with its partners in the past years, helped some of its partner hospitals to continue functioning.

From serving the community through relief packages and emergency services to jumping into action to start producing PPE kits, the Orbis partners left no stone unturned to keep activities going.

Support in every form helped the partners continue their mission. We saw one of the most efficient teams - REACH (Refractive Error Among Children) program team - help our partner hospital VMA Netra Niramay Niketan to continue functioning as emergency pediatric and adult cases poured into their sparsely staffed facility in Amtala during the lockdown. The REACH team had been established under the Orbis and Qatar Fund for Development initaitive called Qatar Creating Vision. The team was trained and their capacity was built for large scale school screening through this project which helped the hospital tide through during the first phases of lockdown.

Given below are several other stories of bravery and action during the lockdown where our partners used Orbis supported establishments and resources to continue providing services to the community in desperate need of eye care

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