The digital extension of Orbis mission, Cybersight is a Global Community of healthcare professionals to Learn, Share and Practice

Launched in 2003, Cybersight is an online training and mentorship service for eye health professionals in developing countries. Our goal is to increase the capacity of eye health professionals and health systems to treat and prevent blindness and visual impairment.

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All content on Cybersight is designed to be accessible to everyone, including people in remote locations, through computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, even under conditions of low connectivity.

With Cybersight, we make an impact even in places where we do not have a physical presence. This initiative has proven to be a huge leap in our goal to end avoidable blindness across the world.

Cybersight Consult

The consultation feature on the platform helps healthcare professions connect with over 150 ophthalmology experts across the globe. Through this, a practitioner can not only seek expert advice on complex patient cases, but also learn from over 27000 unique cases already uploaded on the website. Use of artificial intelligence tool on the platform helps ophthalmology teams to instantly detect various eye conditions.

Cybersight Learn

Cybersight offers free online courses in ophthalmology, nursing and related fields, covering a range of topics and sub-specialties. The courses are available in various languages for professionals with intermediate, advanced and basic skill sets.

Beyond the courses, the platform also includes a living library of lectures, surgical videos, quizzes, textbooks & manuals and simulation resources.

Cybersight Live

Healthcare professionals can also participate in various live lectures/ webinars and surgical demonstrations through real-time video conferencing on Cybersight. The interactions are led by expert international faculty to discuss comprehensive ophthalmology topis, with participants from more than 100 countries.

Understanding local challenges and offering more customized solutions, we also organize many in-country webinars and training sessions. In light of the pandemic, we organized a webinar series on ‘Unlocking Possibilities beyond Lockdown’ to offer possible solutions and best practices to help hospital teams in navigating through the New Normal.

Our Latest From Cybersight

Facilitating Remote Learning During the Pandemic

COVID-19 has particularly affected our global initiatives and our progress towards the mission to prevent and treat avoidable blindness. Thanks to Cybersight, we continued our efforts to mentor, train and build skills of local teams. Orbis has been leveraging Cybersight platform beyond facilitating the global connect of eye care teams. We are organizing: sandwich fellowships, regional trainings and online interactions for partner hospitals in India- connecting with them from the safety of their homes.

sandwich fellowships

regional trainings

virtual flying eye hospital

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