Shivjee's Story

The Story of Shivjee

For two years, Shivjee had traumatic cataract which remained untreated until Akhand Jyoti Eye Hospital’s outreach team identified him during a screening camp and referred him to the Orbis partner hospital.

The family income was earned through his father’s work in the fields and three other brothers who worked as laborers. Shivjee did not want to go to school given his traumatic cataract. Surprisingly, it was only his elder sister who was being sent to school. She aspired to become a doctor and serve the underprivileged in her community. The family pinned their hopes and dreams on the daughter instead of the other three sons.

Shivjee had refused to get formal education as a result of his inability to see. What is heart-rending is that the 10-year-old did have a strong zeal to study but felt he was incapable to do so. To top it all, his family too had lost all hope that Shivjee’s vision would be restored. But, it was his elder sister, who had accompanied him to the hospital, who did not give up on him. She made sure he did not lose touch with academics and took it upon herself to teach him as much as possible at home.

Soon after surgery, Shivjee began going to school again. He was happy to go back outdoors and play with his friends. But what made it priceless was to see him happy when he was able to see from his right eye again post-surgery. Shivjee was fully capable, like all other children his age, of doing everything, move freely and, more importantly, chase his dreams.

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