Orbis and Sitapur Eye Hospital Combat Childhood Blindness

Orbis and Sitapur Eye Hospital Combat Childhood Blindness

In order to address the issue of childhood blindness in the three districts of Sitapur, Lakhimpur Kheri, and Bahraich in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Orbis has partnered with Sitapur Eye Hospital (SEH).

Orbis, in partnership with Sitapur Eye Hospital (SEH), is embarking upon a joint initiative to address the issue of childhood blindness in 3 districts of Uttar Pradesh – Sitapur, Lakhimpur Kheri, and Bahraich. The project seeks to address the prevalent issue of childhood blindness in India by enabling access to pediatric eye care services.

Dr. Brigadier V.K. Baranwal

Chief Medical Officer, The Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust

Our vision and part­ner­ship with Orbis will ampli­fy the aware­ness and access to eye health ser­vices and sup­port the eye health seek­ing behav­ior in the community”.

Over a period of three years the project will support 60 outreach camps, provide eye screenings for 200,000 children aged 0-18, perform 2,600 pediatric eye surgeries, and distribute 3,200 spectacles to visually impaired children in the districts. The project will enable access to families who cannot afford pediatric eye care, as well as those who lack access to quality care.

Dr (Col.) Madhu Bhadauria, Director

Regional Institute of Ophthalmology and Member, Board of Trustees, The Sitapur Eye Hospital Trust.

This day marks the col­lab­o­ra­tion between Sita­pur Eye Hos­pi­tal and Orbis to strength­en pro­vi­sion of eye health ser­vices to chil­dren aged 0 – 18 years across the three dis­tricts of Uttar Pradesh, name­ly Sita­pur, Lakhim­pur Kheri, and Bahraich. The aim of this project is to pre­vent and treat and chil­dren with var­i­ous eye con­di­tions to pre­vent child­hood blind­ness. Besides strength­en­ing the infra­struc­ture and human resource capac­i­ties of the hos­pi­tal, this project will also strength­en sev­en exist­ing vision cen­ters to become green vision cen­ters by uti­liz­ing solar pow­er, dig­i­tiz­ing data man­age­ment, and deploy­ing e‑bikes for com­mu­ni­ty outreach”.

The initiative is the second phase of a comprehensive project with an objective to develop infrastructure and strengthen the capacity of human resources at Sitapur Eye Hospital and its community networks to provide quality pediatric eye care services. The project is supported by the Lavelle Fund for the Blind.

Dr Doris Macharia

Senior Vice President, Global Programs, Orbis

The inter­ven­tion will reach out to the com­mu­ni­ties and bridge the gap between out the com­mu­ni­ties and care through aware­ness, out­reach camps, rel­e­vant med­ical interventions”.

To increase community knowledge and practices needed for the prevention and treatment of childhood blindness, the project will collaborate with a variety of stakeholders including community health workers, school administration, local administration, health departments, etc. to implement initiatives that will bolster awareness creation in the communities.

Dr Rishi Raj Borah

Country Director – India, Orbis

The sec­ond phase of the ini­tia­tive is tes­ta­ment to Orbis and Sita­pur Eye Hospital’s holis­tic approach towards mit­i­gat­ing child­hood blind­ness includ­ing qual­i­ty man­age­ment, infra­struc­ture, capac­i­ty build­ing, and com­mu­ni­ty outreach,”

The initiative is part of Orbis flagship India Childhood Blindness Initiative (ICBI) aimed at ensuring that the children of the country have access to affordable, high-quality, and comprehensive pediatric eye care for generations to come.

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