Quality First: Expanding the India Childhood Blindness Initiative with Sitapur Eye Hospital

Orbis has had a long-standing association with the Lavelle Fund for the Blind for projects in quality and pediatric eye care. At present, through the association, Orbis has been working with Sitapur Eye Hospital to strengthen its Quality Management System and converting four vision centers to Green Vision Centers.

Quality Management Systems

Under India Childhood Blindness Initative (ICBI), Orbis has been working with its partners to not just strengthen service delivery by training eye care teams, but also build quality driven systems and processes within the hospital. Orbis is collaboration with the Quality Accreditation Institute (QAI) is developing and implementing a formal Quality Management System for Sitapur Eye Hospital (SEH). Over a period of one year, QAI and SEH teams will jointly create Quality Policy and identify key areas of improvement, build capacity of leaders, staff & core members of Quality Committee, develop documentation to support quality, and develop & monitor quality indicators.

Strengthening the Teams at Seh

In 2019, Orbis with support of The Lavelle Fund for the Blind undertook a six month Govern-Engage-Lead initiative to strengthen the leadership and governance mechanisms at SEH. The outcome of this initiative resulted in developing SEH’s strategic plan for the period 2020 – 2025 with a revised Vision, Mission, and Values.

Taking the initiative forwards, Orbis is now supporting SEH in strengthening HR processes and performance management. This would lead to periodic reviews of departmental scorecards, developing KRAs of key positions, providing coaching support to individuals, delivering refresher trainings on leadership, and more.

Green Vision Centers

After establishing quality management systems and strengthening internal processes, Orbis will be working with SEH in implementing a pediatric eye health service delivery project, which will include extensive outreach activities. The current interventions will prepare SEH to implement outreach services in a more organized and efficient manner and to build sustainable capacity at the primary level.

Four existing Vision Centers (VCs) will be converted to Green Vision Centers (GVCs) by installing solar renewable energy systems. A thorough assessment of energy needs will be conducted, and an appropriate solar renewable energy plan will be created for the four VCs, located at Gola, Paliya, Lakhimpur and Aira blocks of Kheri, Lakhimpur district.

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