Naina’s Vision

The word ‘Naina’ translates to eyes. This is the story of Naina’s vision.

An ambitious teenager from Nepal, Naina began struggling to see clearly. Her vision was blurred, and she’d experience frequent headaches. This adversely affected many aspects of her life. Reading and comprehending words on the classroom whiteboard became a challenge and she had to resort to copying notes from her classmates. This hampered her academic performance. She could not see distant objects clearly. “If someone me asked my location, I was unable to read the small letters on the sign boards on the road and tell them about my location”, she said. This brought further anxiety and confusion.

“One day, my daughter came home and shared that she wanted to get her eyes checked at the eye check-up camp organised at her school,” shared her mother, Gita. Through the REACH school screening, Naina was identified with myopia. With determinations undeterred, she embraced the solution to her problem - a simple pair of spectacles. “I got my spectacles after the eye check-up in the school. After the wearing the spectacles, my daily life became easier. It was easy to study, read, and write. As I adjusted to my new spectacles, I was able to recognize people and objects at a distance too,” she rejoiced, “now when I am out, I am able to easily read the sign boards and spell out my exact location!”.

“I noticed her academic performance also started improving as she could focus and study better,” added her mother as her eyes beamed with pride.

Wearing spectacles transformed Naina’s life. But she didn’t stop there. Acting as an ambassador of change, Naina encouraged her mother to get her eyes checked as well. “I am wearing spectacles, so you must too!”, Naina would playfully motivate her mother. “I got my eyes checked as well due to my headaches, and the doctor prescribed me a pair of spectacles,” noted Gita. “We should do things that are good for us and bring us joy,” she further added.

As Naina adorns her Naina with spectacles, she goes to the extra mile to look after her them as well, “I wipe my spectacles with a clean cotton cloth before I go outdoors. Whenever I return home, I make it a point to clean them again and keep them in a safe place when not in use.”

An aspiring journalist, Naina participates at the local radio and endeavours to work hard to achieve her goals. “Spectacles are a support that can help you chisel a clearer future,” she rejoiced!

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