I see everything!

“What all can you see with your new spectacles?”

“Everything!” responds Aadya with a vibrant smile on her face.

A delightful seven-year-old girl from Nepal, Aadya was identified with myopia through the REACH school screening. She would enjoy playing and spending time with her siblings and watching TV, but a blurred vision often made it challenging for her to go about her life.

“She used to sit very close to the television while watching TV, and make frequent mistakes while studying especially while writing,” commented her father, Ajay. He added, “This is how we realised that something was wrong with her vision. We were worried about her academics and future; you need a healthy vision to do anything.”

“After having her eyes checked and receiving her spectacles, I can see the transformation in my daughter’s life. She makes fewer mistakes while writing. Earlier, she used to write sentences and erase and rewrite. Now she can see clearly and write better with fewer corrections, and the impact this is making on her academics is very evident,” he remarked. He further added, “she even watches TV from an appropriate distance, sitting comfortably on the sofa.”

Having access to timely and quality eye health service will be a major contributor in carving Aadya’s life. Aadya adorns her spectacles as her favourite accessory and looks towards the future with hope and joy.

“Eyes are life,” said her father as he revelled in his daughter’s happiness, he continued, “if you have healthy eyes, you can see everything in this world.”

Embracing her spectacles as her new best friend, Aadya is eager to learn and grow!

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