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This World Health Day, Let’s Explore Possibilities

COVID-19 has affected us all, bringing the new-normal in existence, confining yet opening possibilities of new ways to connect. Orbis, civil society and eye care fraternity has been equally affected, with most of our operations and community engagement temporarily put on-hold.

But does that mean Orbis’s mission to save sight, with our partner hospitals has come to a standstill? Absolutely not! While the way Orbis works has transformed; the intent, passion and innovative mediums continue to exist. COVID has particularly affected operations of our partner hospitals, as most of them are only responding to emergency cases, and have closed the OPDs during the National Lockdown.

The world of eye care has been doing its bit by creating awareness, ensuring advisory to its patients, developing emergency protocols and suspending key training programs as days pass by.

We stand by our partner hospitals at these challenging times. At the heart of our work on preventable blindness, lies the capacity building of partner hospitals and connect with the underserved children across the country. Orbis has been diligently working on exploring ways to stay connected with the partners and find innovative means to continue working towards attaining our mission.

We plan to leverage our award-winning remote training and education platform Cybersight. Launched in 2003, Cybersight is an online training and mentorship service for eye health professionals in developing countries. The beauty of Cybersight lies in the fact that over 400 Volunteer Faculty and experts from across the globe can train and mentor eye care teams from the safety of their own homes.

To begin with, this World Health Day, we offer ophthalmic nursing courses and tutorials on Cybersight.

Cybersight 2018-19

Since 2018 we've seen steady growth


We were able to train and teach an amazing 7,600 medical professionals in a staggering 183 countries - all via online remote learning. 2019 was a record-breaking year!


medical professionals were trained in 2018 in 165 countries

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This World Health Day, we need to push forward within the confines of our homes in solidarity with the frontline soldiers, using technologically advanced platforms like Cybersight. Let’s take a virtual walk into our minds in search of creative ways to continue our respective missions from confinements of home. Let’s continue to create an impact in the lives of many by preparing ourselves through Cybersight- as leaders who train, treat, expand access and stay connected.

This World Health Day, as we support our nurses and healthcare professionals by sitting and waiting for these trying times to be over, let’s learn and share together. Let’s surround ourselves with knowledge and tools that will help prepare us for the days to come. Let’s gear up for what’s in store for us after the challenge has been overcome and as our frontline heroes return home safe to finally rest.

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