Vetrivel's Story

Making Affordable Eye Care Accessible!

Vetrivel's mother

Nev­er knew that treat­ment free of cost could be good and we are very thank­ful for it,

Vetrivel’s mother’s amazement at the availability of free of cost quality eye care services at Sankara Netralaya, a Centre of Excellence, is natural. With the World Health Organization’s 2000 World Health Report ranking India’s healthcare system at 112 out of 190 countries, it is understandable where responses like that of Vetrivel’s mother stem from.

Six-year-old Vetrivel remained untreated for a long time and it was only when Sankara Netralaya, an Orbis partner conducted a school screening program that his condition saw scope for being treated. Recognized for its high-quality patient care, medical research, teaching and training in ophthalmic subspecialties, SN is Orbis’s Pediatric Ophthalmology Learning and Training Center (POLTC) since 2001.

The progressive reduction in his vision was a cause for worry for his mother. Vetivel had cataract at birth which in layman terms would mean that his lens were clouded and he could not see clearly since the time he was born. Anakaputhur, from where they travelled to Sankara Netralaya, was at a good distance from the facility (approx. 22kms). The school screening program, thus, helped Vetrivel’s case. He walked out of the hospital a happier child after he underwent surgery.

His mother too expressed her relief that now she could hope for a better future for Vetrivel!

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